How does it work?

SD Drain® Tile receives elevation data from your RTK-GPS receiver and automatically outputs signals to the hydraulics controlling your tile plow.  An optional slope sensor allows for extra input data.  If your plow allows, SD Drain Tile can independently control the pitch and depth of your plow as opposed to flying your plow through the ground using pitch only control.

The first thing you do in the field is survey the tile run by driving the tile path.  As you survey, SD Drain Ditch will automatically capture elevation points to create a survey line.  The survey line will be displayed on screen as you are driving the survey path.  When the survey is completed, SD Drain Tile will automatically generate a plan for the tile run as you drop the plow in the hole.  This plan will show the proposed tile line as well as minimum and maximum depth guides for the tile.

Edit Functions
Before you start your tile run, you have the option to manipulate how the final tile design will look.  You can manipulate the tile design by changing the minimum or maximum slope values, as well as the desired depth of the tile.  You can also remove points in the survey pass.  As an example, if you drive over a ditch and you would like the tile to be laid shallower in the ditch bottom, you can delete points on either side of the ditch.

Automatic Flagging
If the plow deviates from the expected tile path, SD Drain Tile will automatically flag that.  This action can be caused by hitting an object in the field or manually raising the plow because of a broken piece of tile.  If you need to dig out a rock, the program will visually guide you back to the proper depth and you will be able to continue the existing tile run.

Document changes tile size/type on-the-go
The program allows you to change the tile size and/or the type of tile you are putting in the ground without stopping the plow.  With a few clicks you can easily make these changes on the go.

Start a run without being in the ground
Sometimes you need to start a tile pass without having the plow in the ground such as working in a slew.  SD Drain Tile allows this feature.

Background images
You can load up georeferenced background images into SD Drain for an overhead view of the field you are working on.  Such maps are useful to determine where your Tile will be placed in the field.

3D View
With the proper field data loaded, SD Drain will allow the user to see a 3D view of the field as you are working.

A benchmark is a known reference point.  SD Drain allows users to save and recall RTK-GPS benchmarks.  This is useful if you quit in the middle of a job at the end of the day and would like to resume your job the following day.

Benchmarks also allow you to preplan all the tile runs in your field so you don’t have to worry about surveying your tile runs, you can just put tile in the ground. Use a benchmark when collecting all the topography data of a specific field.  Using Ag Data Management Solution (ADMS) from GK Technology, you can then pre-plan where your tile runs will be.  This pre-planned survey information can be imported to SD Drain Tile.

Import Preplanned guide lines or survey lines
Guide lines or Survey lines can be imported into SD Drain Tile.  These lines will show up as a layer in the overhead view.  Just click or tap on the line to select it.  Either type can have specific parameters associated with the line that will over-ride the default parameters of the program for that specific line.  Guidance lines are used to guide you over proposed tile run when you are driving your survey pass.  Survey lines are just that, pre-made survey passes.  Survey passes can only be used when you recall a benchmark that was created when the field was surveyed prior to creating the lines in ADMS.  Simply select the survey line, put your plow in the hole and go.

Simulated Laser
You can simulate a single slope laser by just capturing two points, high point and outlet of the tile run. SD Drain will create a straight, single slope tile run.  You can also just set the grade in the simulated laser and install tile.