Update SD Drain Ditch to version 3.x

Updating SD Drain® Ditch from version 2.x to version 3.x

Before starting this update procedure, maker sure your control computer is connected to a power source and connected to the internet. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Check your registration status.
  2. Backup your settings.
  3. Update SD Drain® Ditch.
  4. Load your saved settings.

See video for overview of update procedure.

Detailed instructions below.

Video overview on updating SD Drain® Ditch from Version 2.x to 3.x

1. Check the the registration status.

Start SD Drain® Ditch and proceed to the working screen.

Tap the settings button on the lower right-hand corner of the screen.


Tap the Program button and then select the Support pop-out. 

Check that your Registration Status. If registered, proceed; if expired, contact your dealer.

2. Backup your settings.

Tap the top right Project button and select the Save/Load Settings pop-out. 

If your current settings are not saved, save your setting by doing the following:

  1. Select an open slot by tapping Save Slot #.
  2. Name the selected slot.
  3. Press Save Settings on the bottom of the page.

4. Close SD Drain® Ditch.

3. Update SD Drain® Ditch.

Start SD Drain® Ditch and navigate to the Settings page.


Select “Check for Updates”

Tap Yes. 

After the update, SD Drain® Ditch will close and you will be brought to the desktop.


Start SD Drain Ditch® from the desktop.

The following will happen (screenshots below):

  • You will see a splash screen indicating that interim version 2.99 has been installed.
  • The 3.x update will download.
  • Version 2.99 will be deleted from your system.
  • SD Drain® Ditch will automatically start with the latest version 3.x.

4. Load your saved settings.

Click on the Project button and select the Save/Load setting pop-out.

Click on the appropriate slot where you saved your settings.

Press the Load Settings button at the bottom of the page.

Confirm the load.

Press OK after settings have successfully loaded.