GPS Issues

Is the GPS receiver light on?

  • If no, check power.

Is your GPS receiver configured to the proper settings for SD Drain?

  • Baud Rate to 57600 (38400 for JD ITC)
  • Set the HZ to 10 (5 for JD ITC)
  • Turn GGA, GSA & RMC “ON” (Make Sure ALL the rest are OFF)
  • Turn TCM (Tilt Control Module) OFF

Is your receiver plugged into your computer?

  • For an AFL2-12Ai5, the GPS cable should be plugged into the COM 1 port.
GPS cable plugs into COM 1 port on AFL2-12Ai5 computers

Was the GPS detected in SD Drain?

  • In GPS Control page, do you have port: Com 1 selected?
  • Did you press Start for system to search for GPS?
  • Was GPS detected?
SD Drain GPS setup page

Are you using a GPS base station?

  • Is Base Station on?
  • Is Base Station sending corrections?
  • Is Base Station battery low?

Why is my GPS signal poor?

  • If you are using a tower network, how far away is the tower? Anything over 2 miles is less than optimal.
  • Check the GPS forecast, it might be a bad signal time.
  • Are you by a building or trees?

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