DAC Issues

If you can’t control your scraper or tile plow there may be a communication problem with your DAC 8000, DAC 7000 or Internal DAC module. See below for common troubleshooting questions.

Is the DAC detected on SD Drain screen?

  • Check if correct COM port selected (see below).
  • Did you press start to initiate DAC detection?
  • Check cabling.
  • Continue for more troubleshooting options.

How many cables are plugged in?

  • For the AFL2-12Ai5, there should be 3 cables – GPS, DAC, & Power.

Where does the DAC cable plug in?

  • For External DAC with an AFL2-12Ai5 (see below) = Com 3
Plug DAC cable into Com 3 for External DAC with AFL2-12Ai5
  • For Internal DAC with an AFL2-12Ai5 (see below) = Com 9
Plug DAC cable into Com 9 for Internal DAC with AFL2-12Ai5

Are the External DAC lights on?

  • No lights – check fuses.

Do you have a CNH tractor?

  • Did you calibrate the corner post to Scraper 1?
    • This enables your 1-3 switch to turn your blade control on.
    • See tractor operator manual to set 1-3 switch.

Do you have a JD tractor?

  • R series- say auto on JD screen
  • EC/AC

Did you plug the DAC cable into your JD tractor when tractor was on?

  • If so, you need to perform the following steps:
    1. Unplug the DAC cable from the tractor.
    2. Turn the Tractor off
    3. Turn the Tractor on
    4. Turn the Tractor off
    5. Plug the DAC cable into Tractor while tractor is off
    6. Turn Tractor on

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