Product FAQ

How does SD Drain work?

Position and elevation data from your implement mounted RTK-GPS antenna is captured during a topography pass to create a variable slope ditch or tile run. SD Drain will then control the depth of the blade or plow while ditching or installing tile. Operators can add a slope sensor to increase accuracy.

Can I use my own WAAS GPS with SD Drain or do I need RTK?

You will need an RTK system to use an SD Drain system. For best results we recommend having your RTK-GPS base in the field.

Can I import maps into SD Drain?

Yes, SD Drain users are able to import several types of files to be used with the overhead view. A georeferenced image file can be used as a background in the overhead view. If you preplan your field, you have the option to import guidance and/or installation lines that will stack on top of a background image. With the proper elevation data loaded, you can also view the background as a 3D image.

Can I use my JD or Trimble console to run SD Drain?

No, you will need a separate monitor to run SD Drain.

Can I change grade as I’m scraping or tiling with SD Drain?

Yes, you can change grade on the go.

What happens if I hit a rock while tiling with SD Drain?

If you hit a rock and the plow is shifted up, SD Drain will place a flag and automatically redesign the run and, as long as the new design fits in the specified parameters, you will be able to continue with the install.

Does SD Drain record what I’m doing?

Yes. SD Drain Tile records the following: Survey lines, Design lines, and Installation lines including what type of tile was placed in the ground. SD Drain Ditch will record survey, design, and all data points collected as you work the ditch.

Can I recall previous ditches cut with SD Drain?

Yes, you can recall previous survey and design passes. For ditches that are difficult to see in the field, some operators will use a previous survey pass as a current guidance line. They will compensate for any GPS drift by offsetting the line using our map benchmark feature.

Can I scrape a ditch that I did last year in SD Drain Ditch without re-surveying?

Yes, as long as you have saved a benchmark. However, since the ground has probably changed, it is highly recommended that you resurvey every year.