ADMS Topography Module screenshot


Topography Module

Ag Data Mapping Solution's Topography module can convert your topography points into a simple and useful format. There are also tools for removing unwanted data or poor quality data.

Import your point shape file data and ADMS produces some of the most beautiful topography maps you have ever seen. Not only do you get a topography map, but the ADMS Watershed Management Package allows you to creates a series of other maps including depressions, hills, flow paths and many more.

ADMS Drainage Planning Module screenshot


Drainage Planning Module

The ADMS Drainage Planning Module allows you take a topography map and create a ditching plan. There are tools within the software that will give you a visual estimate of the amount of soil you will have to move and actual cut and fill in inches.

With the use of benchmarks, guidance and profile lines can be created in ADMS and exported for use in SD Drain Ditch and SD Drain Tile.