SD Drain® Tile Version 2.x released.

October 2022

SD Drain® Tile version 2.x is ready to download and install. Updates include:

  • Improved Tile Design – We’ve updated how we calculate a best fit tile run, automating tile flex calculations to optimize tile placement.
  • Controlled Pre-Rip – Pre-Rip a user defined offset from the design line.
  • Shadow Pipe – Scaled view of pipe in profile view window.
  • Manual Flagging –User defined flags to drop at your convenience.
  • Bubble Level / Auto Level – Visual reference for dual-link plows with optional slope sensor. Auto level feature dependent on tractor’s hydraulic operation.
  • Improved Warnings/Notifications – Arrows point out tile design violations.  Users are also warned of potential improper program use.
  • User Friendly Reminders – Common task reminders such as engaging hydraulics after choosing to start install.
  • GPS Logging – Topo your field with your 4-wheeler.
  • Export Map – Assign different colors to different size tile for your export map.
  • Updated Default Values – Notably, minimum grade has been updated from a .05 to a .1 grade.
  • DAC Interface – Tune and view DAC 8000 settings without leaving SD Drain®.
  • Save/Load Settings Button – Easily delete and view settings.
  • Resize Map Image – If the image file associated with your background map is too large, SD Drain® Tile can resize the file for optimal use in the field.

It’s easy to update to the latest version.  Make sure your SD Drain® monitor is connected to the internet. Click on the button for detailed update instructions. If you have any questions regarding the update procedure, please contact your local dealer. 

SD Drain Tile Version 2.x release notable details:

Controlled Pre-Rip

Hard soil conditions and rocks can cause headaches while installing tile. A controlled Pre-Rip, just above your install line, can eliminate the need for a second pulling tractor. Survey your tile run and then select the Pre-Rip option. You choose the Pre-Rip depth as an offset from your design line. Then you can enjoy an easier pull when you install your tile.

Shadow Pipe

See exactly how the tile will fit in your side profile with Shadow Pipe. The Shadow Pipe will display a scaled image of the tile in your profile view window. Change the tile size, and the Shadow Pipe changes too. This visual representation shows you exactly how the tile fits into your plan.  

Manual Flagging Feature

Need to drop a flag for any reason?  Now SD Drain® Tile allows you to create custom flags you can drop while tiling.  This feature makes it easy to mark common objects you don’t have time to immediately deal with, but you would like to find later.  Examples include rocks or rogue equipment pieces such as a chisel plow shank.

Bubble Level / Auto Level

Dual-link plow users with an optional slope sensor can take advantage of the Bubble Level. This on-screen visual indicator shows the current fore-slope of the plow. If your tractor allows you to automatically engage your plow hydraulics while stopped, you can automatically level your plow in the starter hole with the press of a button.

GPS Logging Tool

Now you can use SD Drain® to collect topography data on your field. Set up your 4-wheeler with a GPS rover and SD Drain® monitor to topo your field.  Remember to drive your ditch bottoms and sides.  The collected data can be exported as a generic shape file to be used with a drainage design program such as ADMS from GK Technology.