About Us

SD Drain is the result of a partnership between two companies that specialize in precision drainage solutions: GK Technology, Inc. and Rust Sales, Inc. GK Technology, Inc. developed the software and Rust Sales, Inc. developed hardware, the dealer network, & provides support. Both companies are located in the Red River Valley of the North.

GK Technology, Inc. is a software company specializing in precision agriculture. GK Technology, Inc’s Ag Data Mapping Solution (ADMS) software allows farmers to make field management decisions based on multiple factors including historical yield, soil type, and topography. The topography, or drainage module of ADMS allows users to see how water drains off their fields and lets them design, preview, and save surface and subsurface solutions to manage excess water.

Rust Sales, Inc. is an agricultural implement dealership that embraces technology to make farming more efficient. Rust Sales, Inc. has always sold scrapers. In the 1980s they introduced their customers to laser technology that automatically controlled a scraper’s cut to maintain a proper grade to make water flow. In the 90s, Rust Sales, Inc. was the first company in the Red River Valley to sell and support an RTK-GPS auto steering solution. When RTK-GPS ditching and tiling solutions became available, Rust Sales, Inc. not only provided and supported those solutions, but improved them by developing the DAC series of controllers.